Mobile Branding Solutions

Wheels for real brand engagement

Every brand does digital.

When your customers raise their heads from phones, make sure it’s you they see.

Mobile marketing solutions.

Putting your brand on one of our customizable promo trucks enables you to go and meet your customers in real life.

Face-to-face dialogue between the brand and the customer

Great way of launching a new product

Increased brand awareness after attending large public events

Boosted engagement and many valuable conversations

Pick your kind of wheels

Food Trucks

Food connects people, so make yours on these wheels

Food Trailers

Get your trailer shop on wheels

Shops on Wheels

Don't wait for clients to come, go to them

Mobile Bars

Take your bar outdoors

Fan Shops

Invite your fans to shop or have fun inside a branded truck

Service Stores

From hairdressers to bankers – anyone can fit in

Want to know what's right for your business?


Finding the right solution

We analyze your brand and propose the best solution for putting it on our wheels

Sorting out details

Making sure everything you need gets on requirements and no details are left behind


As in any advertising project, production is where your idea is turned into reality

Show time

Your truck is ready to hit the streets and meet all the excited customers!

Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz trust us, so can you

Since 2006, Carlsen Baltic has already manufactured over 8900 refrigerated truck bodies and food trucks. You can meet them all over Europe and beyond!
We are a PremiumPartner of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and a certified VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz.

137 years of excellence
9000+ truck bodies produced

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